Seller Features

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Banking ledger book

With this feature, you can quickly check your store transactions, commissions, withdrawals, refunds, partial-refunds and charges.

Withdraw pending commissions

Vendor can Request Withdrawal button if the commission value is above the Disbursement Threshold amount (if any) and the day you are requesting your commission has exceeded the Withdrawal Locking Period (if any) set by the admin.

Select preferred payment method

Vendor can select any preferred payment option from all the allowed payment options.

See all transaction history

Vendors can see all the previous commission transactions and download a CSV file of the transactions, as well as sort by date range and view payments.

Vendor list

Displays all the registered vendors on the site. Customers can search for any vendor using this widget.

Vendor’s store Location

Displays the store location of the vendor in google map at single product page if available.

Contact Vendor

Available on the vendor’s shop page and single product page via which customer can send a message to the vendor.

Vendor’s Quick Info

Displays a brief introduction/ information about the vendor’s shop as has been set by the vendor in the “Store Description” section of the vendor’s dashboard and is displayed on the vendor’s shop page and single product page.

Top rated vendor product

Displays the top rated products of the vendor on a single page.

Vendor product category

Displays the product categories added by the vendor on the vendor’s shop page.

Recent product per vendor

This section display the last 12 products added by the vendor on a single page.

New Order Email

Vendor is notified via an email when a customer purchases any of his products, so that he can keep a track of the products sold.

Order note add email

Customer receives an email each time the order status changed by the admin as well as if the order is marked as shipped by the vendor.

Receives shipping details notification by vendor/admin

Customer receives an email notification as their order is shipped by the vendor, so that they are aware of the fact and can track the progress of their order via the shipment tracking details. General

View vendor details

Customer can see reviews of vendors under each product page, so they can verify the vendors.

Report abuse button

Buyers have the ability to report any abuse concerning a specific product or seller.

Ask vendor a question

Customers can ask/enquire about products they need help with from the “Questions and Answers” section

Buy products from different vendors in one order.

Customers can buy from multiple vendors in a single order

Compare rate of the same product from different vendor

Customers get a brief comparison of the same product sold by different vendors and make a better choice from the available options.

View all products from one vendor shop

A vendor’s shop page to let customer view the products / sort the product by category or review.

Get list of all vendors

Display all the stores available on the site on a single page. Customer can sort vendors by category, name etc.

Manage customer queries via dashboard.

View questions asked by customers about products they need help with from the “Questions and Answers” section in the single product page. Vendors can reply to the queries using this widget.

Set social profiles for shop page.

Vendor can share their social media details, to connect with more customers.

Set physical shop location via Google Map

Set your Store Location which is displayed in your shop and will help your customers locate your store.

Manage store settings

Lets the vendor manage their store details, shipping, policies, billings.

Location wise sales report

displays the analytics of a vendor’s store and products on seven/ thirty days basis. It displays countries from which the vendor’s store/ products have been visited. The vendor gets a brief about his/ her target countries

Weekly & monthly sales report on dashboard

Vendor Stats and Reports widget displays vendor’s store statistics on a weekly or monthly basis.

Dashboard for vendor

An engaging vendor experience with an enriched and enhanced Vendor Dashboard. Get an insight of your store instantly just after logging in!

Can accept payments via any supported Gateways

Take payments with the provider that’s right for you – choose from the most popular payment gateways to receive payment from Customers.

Manage own To-Do list

To-do lists jot down all the tasks that need your attention. Depending on your configurations, this option will list your pending activities that require action.

Multiple Vendor Flow

Multiple vendors might sell the same product, this allows customers to get a brief comparison of the same product sold by different vendors and make a better choice from the available options.

Set Inventory For Products

You can manage the stock of each product.

Add GTIN number

Vendor can add GTINs for internal tracking, and can be used for product feeds

Manage Product Tags

You can add tags to your products.

Category wise product segmentation

Your vendors now have to compulsorily add a product to a category, this flow benefits both vendor and the admin in terms of SEO and enhances Google indexing.

Set tax/shipping class

Vendor can add tax class and shipping to their products

Digital, virtual product option

The vendor can add virtual products and downloadable products too

Sell Existing Product

Vendor can add a product from another vendor’s store with a single click and customize as they like.

Backend Product support

Vendors can sell variable/grouped product from admin backend.

Simple Product from Frontend

This is the most commonly uploaded product types in an WooCommerce store. It is a stand-alone product that customer can purchase from the vendor

Rate and Review of vendors

Customer’s can rate and review vendors, which helps to build trust and loyalty with the vendors, thereby facilitating a better communication between customer and vendor.

Vendor’s Product Review

Lets customer’s rate and review vendor’s products so that other customer’s can view these while making a purchase decision. Report/Analytic tool

Vendor’s last days store report widget

By this widget, vendor can have a quick view of the traffic, number of orders placed, total sales, vendor’s earning, amount withdrawal for the last one week.

Product sales report

Vendor can view the product sales report (i.e., total sales, his earnings, number of products placed by the customer) from their dashboard for any custom date range.

Control over shipping options

Each vendor can set up their preferred shipping method for each zone. For example, if there is two zones i.e. USA and UK. Then vendor can enable Flat Rate from USA and Local pickup for UK

Table Rate shipping

Lets vendors to create complex rules for shipping their products worldwide, so that vendors can define multiple rates based on the product’s destination or zone, add rules based on product’s weight, number of items, shipping class, price.

Configure shipping rates

Allows vendors to configure the shipping rates for each zone, where each zone can have different (and multiple) rates.

Add desired shipping methods

Vendors can add their own shipping methods from their dashboard and can configure the rates.

Enable/disable shipping zones

Vendor can enable or disable their already added shipping zones as per their choice.

Add Tax rates

Allows admin to set up various tax rates under the tax classes and based on country (standard, reduced, zero).

Add own shipping zones

The shipping zone allows admin to customize their own shipping zones based on regions (zones) and add their own shipping rate (flat rate, local pickup, free shipping) . Vendor dashboard widget

Customer Questions

Displays questions asked by customers about products they need help with from the “Questions and Answers” section in the single product page. Vendors can reply to the queries using this widget.

Vendor Reviews

This widget displays feedback received by the vendor ( and not on their products ) from their customers.

Product sales report widget

Displays the products sold in the past seven days with the product name and quantity sold.

Pending shipping widget

This widget shows which order needs to be shipped and they can also mark the order as shipped via this useful widget! The vendor can also mark the order shipped from the rocket icon under Action by just clicking on it and entering in the Tracking URL and ID.

Visitor Traffic

This widget displays the countries from which the vendor’s store/ products have been visited.

Vendor’s last days store report widget

Shows store traffic, the number of received orders , total sales , commission earned and total commission withdrawn. Vendor Order Management

Vendor Change Order Status Vendor Change Order status

Now vendor can change the order status, so customers can be notified regarding their order process.

Order note add

Vendor can send order note to customers /admin regarding any order related issue.

Vendor can export orders

Vendor can download a CSV, which will give them an overview in a given period of your total sales, your commission earned, number of orders placed, total products purchased, number of coupons used within the date range, total coupon valuation and total number of customers

Real-Time split order

Share some of your order management power with your vendors to speed up your marketplace operations. Your vendors have equivalent control over their orders to reduce your workload.

Integrated Refund Module

Vendors can now disburse refunds for their part in an order and without any admin intervention. Vendor Registration