Seller Features:

Customize Your Shop

  • Add profile and cover photo
  • All your social media links.
  • Add, Publish and Edit Products

PDF Invoices

Automatically generates PDF invoices of the orders placed for customers and sellers. Additionally, sellers can also download Packing Slips. Choose your invoicing template from a range of 5 customizable invoice designs.

Seller Time Off

This feature helps you define your shop’s opening and closing time on an everyday basis as well as provide the facility to notify your customers while you are out on vacation.

  1. The vendor can set the opening and closing time of their shop.
  2. Sellers can select dates from the calendar, to set closing notification and restrict the shop while on vacation.
  3. Sellers can add notifications on the product page and Add to cart option.

Seller Low/Out of Stock Alerts

Never miss a sale! This nifty extension shoots off warning mails to the seller when stock levels fall below the pre-defined levels. This saves you precious time as you do not have to manually scan through hundreds of SKUs to find products with low stock level.

You can define the threshold values for low stock as well out of stock alerts.

Seller Reports

You can view a whole range of sales, transaction and inventory reports, right from the front-end.

  • Overview of sales by month/week/custom range
  • Top Seller (product) by month/week/custom range
  • Top Earner (product) by month/week/custom range
  • Stock Report (per product)
  • Top coupon used by month/week/custom range

1.Complete reports in the front-end, sales, inventory, earnings and transactions.

2. Unique, intuitive user interface.

3. Capability to export sales and transaction reporting in CSV format.

SEO and Google Analytics

Get the power of SEO and Google Analytics. Using this add-on will allow a vendor to view Google Analytics tracking data for all its products, as well as set/edit meta-data for its products and shop page. So, all your product pages can now be super optimized for SEO. Also, you can now take (Google Analytics) data-driven decisions rather than tossing a coin.

Google Analytics:

Get Google Analytics data for your own shop and product pages. Sellers can add their own Google Analytics tracking code through the shop settings page, and once done, the GA data will be visible to you in the Google Analytics account.

SEO Settings:

Sellers have the option of adding shop page meta title, meta keyword, and meta description for the shop page as well as for all products published.