Tips for Yard Sale Sellers

Price your items ahead of time and label them. People are likely to buy more if they don't have to ask you "how much is this?"

Guerilla Advertising: Make lots of signs to post around your neighborhood before the morning of your sale. The sign should include your address and directional arrows pointing the way. Printing them on bright colored paper or coloring them in makes them more attention grabbing. After the sale, be a good neighbor - remove and dispose of your signs.

Use removable stickers for pricing. Damage from a price tag might lose you the sale! Peeling off sticker glue sucks!!!

People go to yard sales because they want a good deal (we're talking a couple bucks to 10 cents for most items and possibly 20 to 30 dollars for furniture). Make sure they get one.

Have a bunch of items that have no value? Throw them in a box or on a table and label it "Free." A man's/woman's thrash is another man's/woman's treasure.

Thoroughly go through the items you have gathered to sell to see if something valuable fell in by mistake. This is especially important if you will have more than one person handling the cash since they won't know what is valuable to you!

Keep your pets out of the yard sale area. Many people are afraid of dogs (big and small).

Be ready to deal. If your prices are reasonable, it's possible you can make most of your sales without going down further on the price

Items should be organized and displayed in an orderly fashion with every item clearly visible. If everything is in boxes or piles that the customer has to dig through, they may never find just what they want.

Visually striking items should be placed as close to the road as possible -- especially if you live on a busy street. You may be able to lure in those who weren't planning to go to yard sales that day.

Offer to plug in all electronic items to show that they do work. You should have an extension cord handy.

If you go up to people every time they look at something, they'll feel uncomfortable and you'll lose the sale. Be friendly, but wait until they approach you before speaking.

Never leave your cash unattended. It only takes seconds for someone to spot the opportunity and run off with all your day's earnings.

Save grocery bags from the store and have them on hand for people who purchase several items.