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We encourage you to update you listing regularly. Just visit your "Account Summary" page, click on the "Edit Listing" button near the top of the page, and proceed to edit your listing.


While you update your listing, make sure you take full advantage of all the advertising and marketing features included with your Listing Plan. Here's a list of features that will help you improve the visibility of your listing:

  • Add or Update Business Description
    Use this tool to its full potential! Tell the reader about the various benefits of the products or services you offer, include special features, and share what distinguishes your business from others that may offer similar products or services. Update your business profile regularly.


  • Add or Update Picture Gallery Images
    Catch a potential customer's eye with photos of your products, before/after images, graphics, or your logo. Update your photos regularly!


  • Add or Update YouTube Video —(included in the Silver and Gold Plan only)
    Catch a potential customer's eye with photos of your products, before/after images, graphics, or your logo. Update your video regularly!


  • Add or Update Social Media Links — (included in the Silver and Gold Plan only)
    Show links to your company’s social media profile pages from your listing page. Update regularly!


  • Add or Update Downloadable Documents
    Technical data sheets, company flyers and other downloadable documents can be made available from your listing page. Allowed files types are PDF, DOC, and TXT. Update regularly!


  • Add or Update Promotional Offers (Classified ads) — (included in the Silver and Gold Plan only)
    Offer coupons, sell equipment or products. Each offer or ad will allow you to include a full description, photos, and expiration date. This is great way to increase exposure for your business by reaching potential customers that are looking for a great deal or browsing ads. Update your expired offers regularly!


  • Add or Update Display Ads — (included in the Premium Plan only)
    Display Ad Banner advertising gives you high-visibility, and therefore, another great way to promote your products or services by increasing the chances that your listing, promotional offer, or ad will be seen. Update your banners regularly!


If you haven't taken full advantage of the features on this list, please take a few minutes to visit your User Account page and make your listing really stand out!

We try our best to make sure all listings are kept updated. If however you find a listing that is out of date, closed or doesn't meet the "Terms of Use", kindly click on the "Report Listing" link in the listing. We will act on it and update or remove the listing as soon as possible.

Listings in the directory are created by the business or a site visitor that knows of one. If you operate a flea market, farmers market, pawn shop, thrift store or if you know of one that is not listed, just register and place a free listing.

You can join our social network and promote your business there also. Join groups, post blogs, articles. Get involved with the community, connect with friends and businesses.


Yes to both questions. If the listing has a "Claim Listing" button you can claim the listing. You are required to register before you can Claim a Listing. Once the Listing Claim is approved you will have access to Edit your Listing.

If there isn't a "Claim Listing" button then click on the "Report Listing" button and request to claim the listing. You will still need to register in order to have the listing assigned to your user account.

Once you claim your listing you can also upgrade it to a better plan to suit your needs or budget. There will alsways be a freee listing so there is no obligation to upgrade but please take a look at the diference between the free and premium plan.


If you wish the listing to be deleted use the "Report Listing" button in the listing to request it be deleted. Once deleted, if you are registered (registration is free) you can create a new listing.

To be fair to everyone listings are displayed in random order.

You might be familiar with other sites where new listings are displayed first which encourages people to delete their ad every few days and repost it to be at the top.

Also If the oldest listings are displayed first then as the numbers grow new listings are at the end of the list so people may not go to the end of the list and find them.

Premium listings, if there are any in a category are displayed first and if there are a number of them they too are in random order and then the free listings in random order.

If doing a Search, again in random order, they are displayed first giving relevence to the search.

Vendors, Flea Markets, Farmers Markets, Wholesellers, Pawn Shops, Auction Houses, Thrift Stores, Ebay Stores and Garage Sales are the only available categories at this time.



You can create an unlimited number of Free Listings as long as they are relevant to the directory and useful for people using This website.

They are free forever but must be renewed once a year to keep our directory fresh and up to date.

While the cost of providing the Directory is very small there is some cost involved, a paid listing is my way of funding the directory. Only about 1% to 2% of those that create listings will get a paid (Premum) listing which will cover the cost of software updates, countless hours of coding and tweaking the website etc. Paid (Premium) listings also provide additional features that some may want.

Only if they exist, when browsing a category or doing a search if there are any paid listings they are displayed first. A Premum listing also has an image gallery, youtube video and more features for their listing page. For a comparison of features between the free and paid listing you can see them here.

Basic and Premium Ads run for 1 year.

Banner ads run 1 month.

All users will receive and email notifying them of the expiration and how to renew as well.

From time to time websites are used for posting fraudulent business ads. This practice violates Conditions of Use, and potentially also federal and/or state laws. We endeavor to safeguard buyers by constantly searching for and removing fraudulent ads. However, when responding to advertisements, please keep the following in mind:
NEVER agree to deposit money in a bank account or via Escrow without being completely sure about the business.
If an ad looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Report any suspicious ads to us immediately. Please be assured that fraudulent ads rarely make it onto our site but it always pays to be careful. team only has the information that the advertiser puts into the ad. If an advertiser has put in an incorrect telephone number then try emailing them. If they do not answer the email then keep monitoring the ad that you are interested in as the advertiser will usually rectify this issue themselves. If you know the listing is wrong and out of date, then click on "Report Listing" Button on the listing page of the ad.

At this momment advertisements are only available to businesses located in the United States and Canada.

We are looking into expanding worldwide in 2018.

Submitting a Listing is easy and should only take about fifteen minutes but, in order to submit your listing, you must first Register.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create an Account. In addition to being required to submit directory listings, a User Account may also be required to utilize other features of this site.  
  2. Assuming you have created an account and have logged-in, from your "Account Summary" page, click on the "Add a Listing" link, and select a Listing Plan for your listing.
    You can review and compare Listing Plan details in our Listing Options page where you can review and select the listing package you want to use.  
  3. Once the plan is selected, in the next page, you'll be asked to select the category for your listing, choose the most appropriate category and press the submit button.  
  4. Now you're in the listing details page, complete this form, and press the submit button.  
  5. The next page will be the cart where you make your payment to complete the submission process.  

Please note: By submitting your listing, you are requesting a review of your submission. Once your submission has been approved, your listing will be added to the directory. Payment with your submission does not guarantee placement on the directory. If you made a payment, but your submission is not approved, your payment will be promptly refunded.

Editors of Directory reserve full rights and privileges to edit, move, or delete listings as necessary and without any notice. Listings are reviewed from time to time. If a listing violates guidelines, or Terms of Use, even after approval, it can be removed at the discretion of the editors. All editorial reviews will be completed within 72 hours.

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