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When Should I Update My Listing?
How do I report a listing with inaccurate information, has gone out of business etc?
Why isn't our business etc listed in the directory?
There is a listing for us in the directory that we didn't create, can I edit it or have it deleted so I can create a new one?
When I browse a category at different times why are the listings in a different order?
Who can create a Free Listing?
How many free listings can I create?
How long are free listings for?
Why do you offer a paid listing?
Why would I want to get a Premium Listing?
How much does it cost to advertise on
How long will my ad run for?
How do I renew my Ad?
I found an ad that seems a bit suspect, what should I do?
I have tried to contact an advertiser but their number seems to be incorrect. How can I contact them?
I am outside the US and Canada, can I place an Ad on
How do I submit my listing?